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New Nursing Regulations – Effective August 8, 2018

This is a synopsis of updates to the current regulations.  This is not a complete listing of the regulations. 

Please go to www.nursing.alaska.gov Statutes and Regulations for a complete listing.


Retired Nurse License Status (12 AAC 44.311(a))

·         A nurse may not retire their license if currently under investigation

·         Decrease in the fee to $100 from the previous $165 (12 AAC 02.280)


Professional activities requirement (12 AAC 44.620). This is ONE of 3 methods that can be used towards continuing competency.  You must compete 2 out of the 3 methods to renew your license.

1.       320 hours of employment

2.       30 hours continuing education or a current nursing certification in a specialty area

3.       Professional activities

·         LPN:  30 hours for the renewal period between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2018.  NOTE:  60 hours will be required for the next renewal cycle between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2020.

·         RN:  30 hours for the renewal period between December 1, 2016 and November 30, 2018.  NOTE:  60 hours will be required for the next renewal cycle between December 1, 2018 and November 20, 2020.

Note:  Providing nursing care to the nurse’s immediate family members does not qualify to meet professional activities requirements.  In this subsection, immediate family member means a parent, sibling, spouse, child, parent-in-law, sibling in law, step-child, or same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner. 


Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Role and Population Foci (12 AAC 44.380)

·         An advanced practice registered nurse licensed or certified in the following population foci by January 1, 2014 may continue to practice as long as that certification is maintained:

o   Acute care/emergency

o   Adult health

o   Adult psychiatric/mental health

o   Family health

o   Family psychiatric/mental health

o   Geriatric nursing

o   Women’s health



APRN Scope of Practice (12 AAC 44.430) is defined as:

            The board recognizes advanced and specialized acts of nursing practice as those described in the scope of practice statements published by national professional nursing associations recognized by the board for advanced practice registered nurse certified by the national certification bodies recognized by the board.


Controlled Substance prescriptive and dispensing authority (12 AAC 44.445)

·         An applicant who holds a valid federal Drug Enforcement Administration registration number, shall provide verification that the applicant has

o   Completed no less than two hours of education in pain management and opioid use and addiction within the two-year period immediately before the date of application: and

o   Registered with the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) controlled substance prescription database


Renewal of advanced practice registered nurse license (12 AAC 44.470)

·         If you hold a valid DEA registration number, you must submit verification that you have:

o   Completed no less than two hours of continuing education in pain management and opioid use and addiction during the licensing cycle and

o   Have registered with the Prescription Drug Monitoring Database


New Fees for Nurses

·         Nonrefundable Initial Application fee for LPN, RN, and APRN, $100

·         License fee for all or part of the initial biennial LPN or RN nursing license period, $200

·         Preceptorship Registration fee, $100

·         Renewal Fee for LPN, RN, $200

·         Temporary Permit Fee, $100

·         APRN initial biennial license fee, $100

·         APRN renewal biennial license fee, $100

·         Prescriptive Authority Fee or controlled substance authority one-time fee, $100

·         NCLEX Re-examination application fee $50

·         Late renewal penalty fee, $100

·         Non-refundable fingerprint processing fee, $75

·         Courtesy license fee, $50

·         Retired nurse Status license, one-time fee, $100




New Fees for CNAs

·         Nonrefundable application fee for initial certification, $100

·         Examination fee, $55

·         Certification fee for all or part of the initial biennial nurse aide certification period, $100

·         Biennial nurse aide certification renewal fee, $100

·         Certified Nurse Aide training program approval fee, $500

·         Re-examination fee, $50

·         Nonrefundable fingerprint processing fee, $75

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