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Support the APRN Consensus Model Bill in Alaska

Senate Bill 53 was introduced on February 18, 2015.  Find out more about what benefits this bill will have for you and check back for updates on the bill's status.

The APRN Bill

  • Alaska’s Advanced Practice Nurses want to update our 34-year old statutory title from “Advanced Nurse Practitioner” (ANP) and “Nurse Anesthetist” (NA) to “Advanced Practice Registered Nurse” (APRN).
  • This will bring us into compliance with a national movement called the APRN Consensus Model that standardizes titles for Advanced Practice Nurses.
  • There are four existing APRN specialties: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Nurse-Midwives, Certified Nurse Practitioners, and Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists, who together comprise about 1,000 APRNs in Alaska.

Why make a change?

  • ANP and NA are outdated titles. As more states adopt the APRN consensus model, those titles will become increasingly outdated.
  • ANP does not reflect the title or education of CNMs or CNSs so its use can be confusing outside of Alaska.
  • The APRN title is now used by many insurance companies, Medicare, and the VA.  Its use should eliminate denial of reimbursement based on confusion about service provider.
  • The APRN title will increase clarity of practice roles across state lines.

What this bill will do

  • This bill will change the titles “Advanced Nurse Practitioner” and “Nurse Anesthetist” to “Advanced Practice Registered Nurse” and will place the four advanced practice nursing specialties under the APRN title (see diagram other side).

What this bill will NOT do

  • This bill will not change the scope of practice for any of the APRNs.
  • This bill will not limit nurses to the title of APRN—Licensed advanced practice registered nurses may use their credential(s): CNP, CNM, CRNA, CNS, with or without APRN.




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